9th class chapter 1

STRUCTURE OF ATOMS|CH#2 chemistry 9th|tutoronlines

Chapter No 2 STRUCTURE OF ATOMS Give short answer to the following Questions Q.No.1. Write down two properties of cathode rays? Ans. Cathode ray are negatively charged. They travel in straight lines perpendicular to the cathode surface. Q.No.2. How does electron differ from neutron? Ans. Electron has negative charge, while neutron has no charge. Electron …

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Physical Quantities & Measuring|9th||tutoronlines

Chapter 1 Physical Quantities and Measuring (part 2) Table of content: Number Name 1 Vernier Calliper 2 Screw gauge 3 Mass Measuring Instruments 4 Physical Balance 5 Electronic Balance 6 Measuring Cylinder 7 Beam Balance 8 Significant figures Vernier Callipers: However, an accuracy greater than 1 mm obtain by using some other instruments such as …

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